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Australia's Got Talent

I had just turned 57 in this Australia’s Got Talent performance.

Victor Tang on Australia's Got Talent

For 43 years (since age 14) I have trained, stopped, raised a family, trained, stopped, operated 6 businesses, stopped, trained….etc. Finally, I KNOW what to do! There is no secret, there is no one answer, there is no gym membership required for anyone who wants to achieve YOUTHING (my made-up word) & health+fitness. All I want to do is share this knowledge that EVERYONE is entitled to, but is discouraged and hidden by the drug industry, the food industry, and even the Fitness Industry.

Many years ago, I had a phone call from one of the 3 (industries) above warning me to stop saying what I have to say. May I be struck by lightning if I am lying!

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