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  • I was in Melbourne only for a few weeks and happened to wonder into Victor's gym. I have had a back injury for the past 5 years. Which is known as L4-L5 degenerative disc disease. After seeing many physiotherapists, sports doctors and specialists for years with no success, I would go to the gym a few times per year only to walk out again injured for months on end. I could no longer play the sports that I loved and even running was becoming impossible.

    On my first meeting with Victor he taught me so much that I asked him for a personal session. I was interested to see if he could help me train pain free, even with this injury. After my first leg day I felt great, there was no back pain, I was overwhelmed with excitement. After my second and third time still no pain, my entire body and mood had considerably improved.

    I am noticing a great improvement with my injury and the pains in my back seem to be disappearing.

    Victor has taught me so much in such a little amount of time. I honestly believe that what I have learnt from Victor has the potential to improve my wellbeing throughout the rest of my life. Whenever I am visiting Melbourne I will be back to train with Victor. He is a great teacher and I cant thank him enough for his help.

    Mitchell Taylor Director of Thinklounges, Byron Bay
  • Victor really knows his stuff. My number one priority when lifting weights is safety, and in his hands I always feel safe. Plus, he's good fun, which helps!

    Dr Russell Harris Author of Best Seller "The Happiness Trap"
  • Victor's Gym provides the perfect, safe & well facilitated environment for my teenage boys to train. I am impressed with 
Victors knowledge and passion. My sons' progress are expertly monitored. Most importantly, Victor also spends time and effort to ensure my sons develop a healthy understanding of strength and body awareness while continually encouraging their enthusiasm. I know that they are in good hands.

    Julie Vajdic Parent of 2 teenage boys aged 15 and 13 y.o.
  • Training with Victor for 4 years now has been inspiring to say the least. Victor has helped me reach goals I never thought possible, going from 120kg having never stepped foot in a gym, to 85kg feeling healthy and fit!! Victor inspires by example and enthusiasm, he also teaches you that feeling good and being healthy outweighs the importance of looking good ( which comes with feeling good and being healthy anyway ). Reaching my goals in the gym also helped me to reach my goals outside of the gym, giving up smoking and eating a healthier diet. If Victor is not pushing you to your next personal best squat or bench press, he is doing it himself.

    Terry before and after training at Victors Gym Terence Farrugia
    All round tough guy that
    used to be 120kg overweight, now 85kg
  • An exceptionally approachable and reliable individual who I've had the honour to train under for the last 7 years. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately to his clients, provides the perfect scenario for successful results. Victor is extremely passionate about health and fitness and it shows through the positive energy he brings to every workout. Each workout is challenging, creative but most importantly fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise, and motivates me highly enough to push past my perceived limits to get the results I'm after. If you are serious about starting a new chapter in the fitness world I have no hesitation in recommending Victor, a proven and highly respected individual willing to help you achieve your goals.

    George Dellaportas 22 Years Old
    Trained with Victor from age 15-22 (Year 2014)
  • Victor emphasized health when he put me on a muscle gaining diet. He promised me that he I will gain 20kg of muscle in a year. Within 6 weeks of training, people around me started noticing my muscular gains and refused to believe that I was NOT on steroids. From being 75kg a year ago, I am now over 95kg in bodyweight with no fat. Now NO ONE believes me when I tell them that no steroid was involved. I train a total of 2 hours per week at the gym. An hour on Thursdays with Victor, and another hour on Sunday or Monday without him. He has taught me to be independent, confident and able to focus on ferocious intensity when I train. I KNOW that I could not have achieved these without him. Still, no one else believes me. I now believe that nothing is impossible. Truly, nothing is impossible!

    Chris before and after training at Victors Gym Chris Smith
    Football player who gained over
    22kg of muscle in 2 years
  • I spent many years in commercial gyms, training with knowledge from mainstream magazines/books and people. The routines I followed were by champions, or by people with some impressive title or qualification. Everyone that I know follow these routines. I then discovered fitnessland and more importantly victor himself. With his vast knowledge and years of experience my physique and strength soared beyond anything I ever taught I could achieve! I wish I had known all that Vic has taught me years before. Victors passion and philosophy on training can only be described as outstanding. His own ability is an inspiration to me personally and is proof that putting his own advice into practise really does work.

    Shane Reached & Exceeded 300-400-500 McRobert's Mark of Strength
  • Vic has inspired and guided me with enthusiasm tremendously. By following his suggested regime and methods, I have greatly increased by strength for my work and competetive goals. I recall the day I met him. He casually suggested that I should aim to do 6 chin ups with and extra 30kg tied to my body. I laughed - thinking that he was joking. He assured me that it is realistic. Well, today, after doing 5 reps with 45kg added to my body (see my video), I am aiming to do 3 chinups with a 65kg added! Now Vic thinks I am dreaming!!! In reality, my strength increase at 45 years of age would never have been possible without Victor's guidance. I would still be using methods from the main stream, and routines one would get from "the latest secret scientific findings". There is no secret - it's just hard work. If there is a secret, it's been well kept in Victor's Gym.

    Matt Ben Australian Tree Climbing "Speed Climb" Champion, Top 5 Overall Champion